Tuesday, February 13, 2018

K.W. Jeter

K.W. Jeter is best known for coining the term Steampunk, and being compared favorably, or unfavorably, to Philip K. Dick.

His career began with a couple of novels for Laser Books: Seeklight (1975) and The Dreamfields (1976).

His steampunk works began with an H.G. Wells continuation Morlock Night (1979), and continued with his Infernal Devices series beginning in 1987.

His cyberpunk novels include Dr. Adder (1984), The Glass Hammer (1985), Death Arms (1987), Farewell Horizontal (1989), Madlands (1991), and Noir (1998)

His horror novels began with Soul Eater (1983), and continued with Dark Seeker (1987), Mantis (1987), In the Land of the Dead (1989), The Night Man (1990), Wolf Flow (1992), and Kingdom of Shadows (2011).

Jeter also wrote media tie-ins through much of the 90s for franchises such as Blade Runner, Alien Nation, Star Trek, and Star Wars.  His most recent series is his self-published Kim Oh hit-woman books, some in ebook, some not.

Jeter has been releasing his back catalog in ebook, though it's a bit hard to navigate on Amazon with the stock photo covers and multiple short stories mixed in.  The links above are to the Kindle versions - sadly, most of his horror hasn't been reprinted.

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