Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Pray For The Wildcats (1974)

Pray For The Wildcats (1974)

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Some all star casting with this one.  Andy Griffith as a psychopathic businessman, William Shatner as a suicidal adman, Robert Reed as the sellout, former child preacher Marjoe Gortner as the creative, and Angie Dickinson as the hat-wearing cheating wife.

Griffith forces the others to go on a motorbike trek across Baha, Mexico before he'll give them his advertising account.  Shatner's in the process of being fired and upped his life insurance, Gortner's girlfriend is pregnant and he needs a steady job, Angie is married to Mike Brady but sleeping with Captain Kirk.

Andy goes rapey on a hippie chick, fights her dude, and leaves them stranded in the desert.  I was expecting more of a thriller, with Andy hunting the others through the desert, but it's more moral quandary than chase scenes.

The film ends on a downer, with the men meeting their wives, their wives dropping soul destroying news, and everyone driving away in silence.

I'm getting hooked on the ABC Movies of the Week.  Mid or post-career stars chewing scenery with a $50 budget, and they're almost all on Youtube.

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