Trash Menace Gallery

Pulp magazines, paperback originals, VHS covers, and more.  Links and slideshows to the best and worst of cover art.

Strange Sisters of Twilight Worlds - 
Lesbian Pulp Fiction and Sleaze Paperbacks of the 1950s and 1960s

Hot Dames and Cold Broads - Sleaze Paperback Covers of the 50s to 70s

External links:

Gruselromane - Pulp German paperbacks of the 70s and 80s.  No German needed, just click around on the left toolbar

Giallo Book Covers - Italian pulp.  The yellow covers is where the genre gets its name.

Pulp Covers

Good Show Sir - the worst of Fantasy and Sci-Fi covers.

Too Much Horror Fiction - Horror paperbacks from the 60s to 80s

Vault of Evil: Brit Horror Pulp Plus - horror covers scattered throughout

Spy Guys and Gals - amazing site, covers and info on every book even remotely related to spying.  Lots of Men's Adventure here.

Badger Books - the best covers of the worst science fiction

Pop Sensation - vintage paperbacks

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