Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Bounty Hunter 2 - A Killing Trade

The Bounty Hunter 2
A Killing Trade
by Tiny Boyles and Hank Nuwer
1981 Playboy Paperbacks

We open with Tiny and Hammer after a fugitive that killed his own daughter.  Tiny tries to rescue a teenager that's being forced into prostitution, like he didn't do in real life when he had the chance.  Meanwhile, Tiny's journalist buddy Foster Foster is dating Tiny's underage niece, who is kidnapped by a Jaguar owning pimp.  Jerry Jeffers joins up and the foursome track down Tiny's niece to a voodoo sex cult in New Orleans.

This is a nasty one, with several uncomfortable scenes of rape and humiliation mixed in with the good natured banter.  The action was an improvement from the last installment, but Nuwer's still rushing through it.

One interesting element - Tiny has a car phone in his mobile home, and at least in the story, the FCC monitors all mobile calls and an operator warns him about using foul language. 

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