Saturday, December 26, 2015

Mark of the Werewolf by Jeffrey Sackett

Mark of the Werewolf
by Jeffrey Sackett
1990 Bantam

A gypsy werewolf is captured by a neo-nazi genetics lab who tries to recreate the phenomena to create an unstoppable army.

The text is filled out Interview with a Vampire style with hypnotic regression sessions with the immortal werewolf, where he hangs out with Nostradamus, Dracula, Merlin, and Pontius Pilate.

Put together well enough, but a bit dry.  I think Sackett just forgot he was writing a horror novel at some point.  There's a battle between neo-nazi half-werewolves and armed Jewish Nationalists, want to see?  Nah, of course not, we'll just summarize it in a couple sentences.  A detailed explanation of Zoroastrianist symbology?  Yes, twenty more page please.

In paperback from Amazon.

An updated version of this book is available for Kindle under the title Lycanthropos.

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