Friday, December 4, 2015

Mike & The Mechanics - Silent Running

This one just keeps getting more baffling.

Listening to this song in 1985 it's clearly a survivalist theme about Russians taking over the US Red Dawn style.  According to the guy he wrote it, it's about a guy in space in the future sending a message back in time to his family.  A message about commies, evidently.

The song was used in some movie about nuclear waste called Choke Canyon, clips of which are in the video.  The song's original title is lifted from the unrelated science fiction movie Silent Running, and the video has yet another sci-fi story with Billy Drago.

And, yes, it was normal in the 80s to have soft rock hits with lyrics that might have come from Jerry Ahern.

For some reason I always thought the Mike of Mike + the Mechanics was Mike Post, but I'm glad I was wrong.  Mike Post is better than this.

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