Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Slimer by Harry Adam Knight

by Harry Adam Knight (John Brosnan)
1983 Star

Three couples smuggling hash flee their sinking yacht to the dubious safety of an offshore oil rig.  Here they find an abandoned laboratory, stacks of empty clothing, and a ton of M-16s.

What follows is a rapier version of John Carpenter's The Thing.  A shape-shifting monster absorbs the memories and personalities along with the bodies of its victims, and after it absorbs the rapist psychopath of the group things turn extra ugly.  Despite the sleazy undertones, the book fades to black a bit, and wasn't as gory as I would have expected.

The ending had way too much exposition, but the means of dispatching the creature was pretty novel.  A very fast read, and one of the few books I would like to see expanded (or at least have a second location).

Not currently in print and a titch pricey on Amazon.

Made into a movie in 1995 called Proteus.

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