Thursday, January 21, 2016

Harry Dickson and the Heir of Dracula

Harry Dickson and the Heir of Dracula
by Harry Dickson
Originally 1933,1937
Black Coat Press 2009

These Harry Dickson stories are from a series of German Sherlock Holmes bootlegs translated to Dutch, then translated to French, and now to English, with adaptations and changes along the way.

The stories set up a fanciful premise and then almost immediately reveals the even more absurd Scooby Doo ending, with little to no detection (or much of anything else) happening in between.

I'm going to go ahead a spoil this one in case you want to stop reading, but it's not like you would be able to solve the mysteries yourself.

Aliens with tentacle arms and superhuman strength.  Well, clearly they were raised by Aztecs in Mexico, where they do that to babies.

A modern day Gorgon who can literally turn people to stone.  Let's be scientific.  It's obviously someone wearing a squid on their head.  And squids are known to turn fish to stone.


I like the outre elements, and I don't mind the silly conclusions, but these stories all needed a lot more meat on their bones.

Available in paperback or ebook.

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