Monday, May 4, 2015

Phantasialand - Hollywood Tour

Pass under the half-covered brown Hollywood sign to take a boat ride that's somewhere between the Great Movie Ride and Superstar Limo.

Alfred Hitchcock sends us on our way, and the animatronics only go downhill from here.

We start off in a long, underground grotto.  You know, like that movie.  Then a boat sinks near a shark by a sleepy coastal village.  Jaws?

Next up, cowboys vs a giant spider, like Tarantula and Earth vs Spider.  Kind of obscure, but I can dig it.

Up next - the greatest story ever told!  Or maybe not - I looks like the Three Wise Men are dodging Egyptian pyramid death traps.


Some kind of underwater -?

Tarzan and water skiing chimps.

As close to the Wizard of Oz as they could afford.

King Kong, or the aliens from Spectreman?

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