Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Satan's Daughters by Othello Peters

Satan's Daughters
by Othello Peters
Zebra Books 1975

A woman in late pregnancy has her car break down on a rural road, late at night in the rain.  I hope that old farmhouse has a phone and not a bunch of witches that want to steal her baby's soul!

Despite the hammy set-up this works pretty well.  Pregnant lady is held hostage and tries to enlist the help of a couple of mentally disabled kids in the house.  The protagonist does a good job balancing being a frightened helpless victim while constantly attempting daring escapes.

Some good tension and suspense, and it gets genuinely nasty in parts.  A good, short read, which works, as the story couldn't fill up many more pages.

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  1. Great book,rare and very difficult to find, especially an original printing or first copy of it.