Thursday, April 28, 2016

Prime Evil by Ed Kelleher & Harriett Vidal

Prime Evil
by Ed Kellher & Harriette Vidal
Leisure Books 1988

Embossed cover

Satan worshipers must kill a blood relation every 13 years to maintain their pact with the devil and live forever.  The sacrifice has to be a virgin, except when it isn't - there's a lot here that doesn't fit together.  It's Sarah Parkman's turn to be sacrificed and those that seek to protect her are killed in Omen style accidents.

Mostly we get backstories of various prostitutes that are being captured - not sure where they fit in either.  There's also an undercover nun who is also a secret agent, but that threatens to get too interesting so we don't see much of her.

The whole business gets resolved when Sarah and the nun just walk up to the evil church - "OK, you can sacrifice me now," Undercover Nun pulls out a sledgehammer, destroys an idol, and everybody ages hundreds of years.  The end.

Unfocused, tame, and with only just enough plot to have holes in it.

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