Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Weapon From Beyond by Edmond Hamilton - StarWolf 1

The Weapon From Beyond
by Edmond Hamilton
Starwolf 1
Ace Books 1967

Chane is a Starwolf - hated interplanetary raiders.  He flees his own people and joins up with mercenary Earthman Dillulo, who blackmails him into aiding him in his missions.

The mercs get involved with a war between two planets, both populated by jerky races that look down on humans.  They're tasked with discovering the secret weapon of one faction, which proves to be a giant, city sized spaceship left by an ancient alien race.

OK setup, but I think it was against Hamilton's religion to write an action sequence.  I've seen this in other works of his, where the fights are resolved in less than a sentence: "They surprised the aliens and won the fight."

This was made into a Japanese TV series, then dubbed and re-edited into English, and then featured on MST3K, yet some scenes managed to survive almost word-for-word.

Nobody tries to kill anybody with a forklift, but that may be in one of the other two installments.

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