Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Mother's Boys by Bernard Taylor

Mother's Boys
by Bernard Taylor
1988 St. Martin's Press

A man tries to start a new relationship after his divorce.  He has custody of his four kids, and his ex is a bit off.  She's especially close with her two oldest boys, both of whom distrust their potential new stepmother.

Dad is called away during a vacation, leaving his new girlfriend to take care of the kids.  They trick her into tying her to a chair and put on a long, laborious show trial for ruining their parents' marriage.  Sometimes there's a fine line between suspense and tedium.  This was just tedious.  Maybe I don't have the patience for the slow build anymore.  By the time there's any violence I was just happy the book was almost done.

Taylor played the incest card way too early - it might have made a decently creepy reveal near the end, but it's just kind of thrown out there early on and forgotten.

There was evidently a movie with Jamie Lee Curtis that doesn't look very good.

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