Sunday, October 14, 2018

TM Gallery: Action Paperbacks

Able Team 36: Final Run by Dick Stivers
Paperback from AbeBooks

Hit 29 by Joey the Hitman
In the fall of 1969, a public execution in an Italian restaurant in Brooklyn earned Joey a mention in the New York Daily News and a twenty-grand payout from the mob. On the surface, his next job seemed just as routine: The bosses suspected their trusted numbers controller, Joe Squillante, was skimming the nightly bets to settle personal debts. Joey gave Squillante two weeks to live.

But there was one problem: Squillante once had a hit out on Joey too. No clueless patsy, #29 was an unpredictable bull’s-eye, and the contract holder was a dangerous mobster with a personal grudge against Joey. Taking the job meant entering into a game of predator and prey as nerve-racking as the cock of a .38 hammer.

From first tail to all-night stakeouts to the intricate planning of the final confrontation, this is the shockingly detailed first-person account of a professional hit. Full of twists, turns, and double crosses, Hit #29 “tells it like it is” and delivers an unforgettable insider’s view of the mob 
Kindle ebook from Amazon

Edge 25: Violence Trail by George Gilman
Edge begins an incredible trip to the Mexican border in a wagon carrying a dying man, his beautiful daughter and angry son. There are just a few obstacles: their path through the wilderness is in a collision course with the Shoshone nation. If warring Indians weren't enough there is one other problem: they’re riding in a wagon containing a fortune in gold. Though well camouflaged it soon lures the violent and greedy from both sides of the border. 

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