Thursday, January 17, 2019

Shock Rock II edited by Jeff Gelb

Shock Rock II edited
by Jeff Gelb

Favorite Song by Mark Verheiden: A drifter goes through a series of deadend jobs trying to find his favorite song.  Some good graphic violence from the guy behind the Timecop books and TV show.

The Last Time by Michael Garrett: A Mick Jagger lookalike tries to get laid.

The Sad Story of Billie Psych-Out and the Psyched Out Encyclopedia of Rock 'n' Roll by Tia Travis: The unpublished book of a rockabilly guy gets stolen by another rockabilly guy.  The first rockabilly guy drives his car off a bridge.  The end.  I went back to read it again to see if I missed a twist ending.  Not horror.

Elvis Can't Dance by Robert Weinberg and Tina L. Jens: Zombie Elvis gets violent revenge on rappers who think he's racist.

Better to Burn Out by Scott H. Urban: Rocker has been blows up arena.

Scream String by Edo van Belkom: Tell-Tale A string.  Rocker strangles his wife with a guitar string, which screams accusingly as he plays it, though the fact that he left her bloody corpse directly backstage with no effort to hide it probably would have done him in anyway.

Severin Hedz by Thom "Th." Metzger: Psycho groupie.

Mr. Pants by Gary Brander: A loser learns the secret to rock star sex appeal - magic pants.

Dead Legends by Rick Hautala: Gee, all the pictures hanging in this recording studio are of dead rockers.  All the pictures were taken within a week of their death, we can tell somehow.  I had a hard time figuring where this was going, but luckily the entire story was just the premise being restated over and over.

Rockin’ On Home by Nat Gertler: A man meets a woman from another dimension in which all the fictional artists (Ziggy Stardust, Kilgore Trout, etc) are real.  Interesting.  Not horror.

The Undeadliest Game by Bill Mumy & Peter David: Multi-generational groupies meet ageless rockers.  From the kid from Lost in Space and the writer of X Factor.

The Red Sax by Graham Watkins: See Scream String, replace guitar with saxophone.

He’s Hot, He’s Sexy, He’s... by A. R. Morlan - Epistolary account of Jim Morrison bringing back from the dead by a voodoo priest and doing poetry tours.  Not horror.

Mike Baron - Oi Boy: A skinhead in an oi band gets a gypsy curse that forces him to play Culture Club.  From long time Punisher scribe who began writing horror novels decades later.

Track Eight by John F. D. Taff: Cursed extra track on a metal CD.

Graveyard Shift by Jeff Gelb: An abused woman calls in to a late night DJ

Inspiration by Don D’Ammassa: A pop star gets her greatest hits after the people she loves dies.

Shock Rock Jock by Rex Miller: A humiliated actress gets revenge on a Howard Stern stand in.  

The Songwriter by Jesse Sublett: A small band goes touring between Texas and Oklahoma.  The most literary of the bunch, well written aside from not really being able to figure out what happened. 

Rock ’n’ Roll Will Never Die by Max Allan Collins: We made it this far without a vampire story.  At least it's a comedy.

Drumbeats by Kevin J. Anderson & Neil Peart: A rock drummer wandering Africa finds a new sound. I didn't have high hopes for the collaboration of a Rush drummer and Star Wars expanded universe author, but I was pleasantly surprised.  I might even read their steampunk novelization of a Rush album unironically.  

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