Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Marvel 1964: Thor

Odin gets pissed at Thor for not giving up his love for Jane Foster, so he cuts his power in half. His strength is halved, though we didn't know how strong he was in the first place.  He loses his ability to control the weather and to travel to Asgard, which he does anyway a few months later.

New things his hammer can do: hypnotize people, emit melting alpha rays, create a space warp that teleports enemies randomly through space, and can freeze time.  Other hammer facts: as a child Thor could lift the hammer a little bit at a time as he became worthy; while others can't lift the hammer, they can lift the handle and pivot the head, and Don Blake turns to Thor if someone else hits his cane on the floor.

We get another sense that Thor and Blake have different consciousnesses - Thor does some basic electronics based on what he's learned from Iron Man, while we know that Don Blake is proficient enough to make his own robot, though I'm sure Stan Lee already forgot about that.  Going the other direction, Thor considered changing back to Blake to use his medical skills.

Still don't know if Thor is bulletproof, but he probably is as landmines only stun him.  Oh, and Thor helped spawn the human race.

Journey into Mystery 100-111

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