Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Marvel Year Two: Fantastic Four

Things start to get postmodern.  Lee and Kirby appear as characters who create comics based on the "real life" exploits of the FF.  I think this later this develops into Marvels Comics.  This leads into a  discussion responding to fan mail calling Sue a useless girl, showing that misogynist toxic fanboys predated the internet.  Reed jumps up on his soapbox and defends her, though saying that women are important because Abraham Lincoln had a mother doesn't quite have the impact he was intending.  It was at this point that SJWs and their virtue signalling destroyed childhoods forever, and no comic book was ever written again.

It says...it's about ethics in gaming journalism!

Sarcasm, of course - comics were always political and dealt with social issues.  As with all social progress, one step forward, two steps back.  I'm guessing this give Stan an idea to flesh out Sue's character, and this is where she starts simpering, between doing the cleaning and stenography for the group, or just standing around looking pretty.

We're introduced to the Impossible Man, who's the Mister Mxyzptlk/Bat-Mite/Great Gazoo type character for Marvel.  His race's power is to instantly evolve to avoid danger, basically the same as Darwin decades later.

Johnny is 16 in 1963, and they keep adding powers, the latest is that he can raise his body temperature which increases his physical strength.  They gave up on Johnny's secret identity almost right away.

Reed got his white hair from fighting Nazis.  Thing can lift 5 tons.  He's dropped the "bah" and has a feud with Yancy Street but hasn't picked up his catchphrases quite yet.

(Fantastic Four 10-21, Annual 1; Strange Tales 104-115, Annual 2)

Available in:
Fantastic Four Epic Collection 1
Fantastic Four Epic Collection 2
The Human Torch & The Thing: Strange Tales - The Complete Collection 

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