Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Marvel 1964: Iron Man

Iron Man gets another makeover, slicking down his pointy eyebrows and giving him more face rivets

He loses the center column of rivets before the end of the year. Ol' Shellhead has largely stopped tinkering with transistors in the middle of fights as his gadgets are internalized.  Iron Man officially becomes Tony Stark's bodyguard, and is in charge of the factory when Stark is "away".

We also see more of Tony the playboy

I'd argue that the real reason Tony goes through women is less to do with the shrapnel in his heart and more that he's an a-hole and rich enough to get away with it. This still being a child friendly comic, the womanizing consists of him sitting at tables in fancy places.  We see his first and, to date, only drink.

I forgot to keep track of this last year, but Stark Enterprises always seemed like the number one source of supervillains, with most of his rogues gallery consisting of disgruntled employees.  This year his business practices inspired Wonder Man's brief stint as a villain, and his mere existence inspired Hawkeye and the Scarecrow.

The Watcher starts hosting the monster B story until he's joined by Cap in issue 59.

Tales of Suspense 49-60

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