Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Zebra Scorpio

In 1977, Zebra created the imprint Scorpio specifically for the subgenre of Iceberg Slim cash-in prison memoirs. Unlike the Holloway House titles they're emulating, not all the titles involve African Americans - Max Rabinowitz I'm assuming is Jewish, and Johnny North is a white biker. These titles are rough to find, and there's very little information online. The Black Prince seems to have been picked up by some incel and MRA losers as a pimping how-to - good luck with that, fellas!


Dig the N----- Up - Let's Kill Him Again by Robert E. Chinn


The Black Prince by Anonymous

The Day They Scrambled My Brains at the Funny Factory by Max Rabinowitz (available free from the author here)

God's Renegade by Johnny North

Prison Diary by Edward Conway

A Right to Anger by Karamoko Baye

Underground by James S. Dutton

The Virginia Ratt by Ratton Hall and Sandy Sidar


  1. I’m looking for the Virginia Ratt by Ratton Hall. Do you happen to have a copy of this book? Is it a decent read?

    1. I'm afraid I haven't come across it

    2. Where were you able to dig up information on that black Prince book at? I seen very little about it online and I’m surprised that Incel- MRA crowd have even heard of it.

    3. I went through Zebra titles one ISBN number at a time a while back