Thursday, March 17, 2022

Mathew Swain 2: When Trouble Beckons by Mike McQuay

Mathew Swain 2
When Trouble Beckons
by Mike McQuay
1981 Bantam

Scifi Private Eye Mathew Swain goes to the moon to help an old friend, to find her comatose with a dead man in her apartment. He finds drone workers, hostile police, and everyone clamming up at the word "beckon".

The process works better than the result - the clues don't make sense and the uncovered plot makes even less. Swain still cracks wise, but there wasn't a good sense of location. Half on the moon, half in a space station, and only occasional confusing references to the state of gravity.

Toned down from the first installment, though there are a couple of interesting sequences of him mind melding with a woman's consciousness in a tube.

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