Friday, October 14, 2022

New Adventures of Frankenstein 4: Frankenstein Meets Dracula by Donald F. Glut

New Adventures of Frankenstein 4
Frankenstein Meets Dracula
by Donald F. Glut
1977 New English Library

Frankenstein's Monster and his buddy, former OGRE agent James Judson, travel to Transylvania in their atomic powered submarine where they accidentally revive Count Dracula. Drac enthralls Judson, forces them back to England, and starts a plan to kidnap Van Helsing's descendant and place his brain in the Monster's body.

Most of the story was setup, and the rest felt like an outline. The Count was suitably repugnant, but just not much going on to fill it out.

Collected in volume one of The New Adventures of Frankenstein Collection

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