Sunday, November 20, 2022

Fantasy Tales vs Startling Detective - Fifth Fall

The Body in the Belfry by Joseph B. Wirges
Startling Detective Adventures Vol 5 No 26, July 1930

A janitor rapes and kills a small child, leaving her body in a church's belfry. In response, a lynch mob takes it out on a random Black man, mutilates his body for several hours, and terrorizes the Black community of Little Rock.

The Exhumation by Peter Coleborn
Fantasy Tales Vol 2 No 3 Summer 1978

A would-be saboteur is attacked by a vampire, causing his bomb to explode them both. His body torn asunder, the vampire tries to control a medical examiner to help him revive. Some new wrinkles to how vampires work, but unsatisfying.

Startling Detective pulls into the lead three to two.

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