Monday, February 13, 2023

Reading Rumble Round 4

From Weird Tales to 77 Sunset Strip, C.L. Moore spent much of her career writing with her husband Henry Kuttner, though we'll be focusing on her individual, unique style. ISFDB

Daemon by C.L. Moore
Famous Fantastic Mysteries, October 1946

A shanghaied simpleton sees daemons, colored spiritual beings like living auras, among the ship's crew.

Bar Talk by Joe R. Lansdale
New Blood #7, 1990

Flash monologue about a barfly Martian vampire.

Collected in A Little Green Book of Monster Stories available from Amazon

History's Gallery of Monsters No. 7: William Stewart, The Monster of the Mary Russell by John Kobler
Dime Mystery Magazine April 1938

True story of a sea captain slaughtering seven of his crew, most with a crowbar, in a fit of paranoia.

All authors stay in the fight.

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