Thursday, September 7, 2023

Reading Rumble Round 27

From the unnamable, stygian, cyclopean, eldritch, etc - Lovecraft.

Imprisoned With the Pharaohs by Harry Houdini (HP Lovecraft)
Weird Tales, May 1924

Harry Houdini visits Egypt, is captured, walks around under the pyramids, finds a hippo monster and runs away. Missed opportunity for an escape sequence, he's bound once but just gets out.

Consumption by Ron Kelly
Thin Ice #5, 1989

Giant carnivorous caterpillar.

Come Dance With Me on My Pony's Grave by Charles R. Grant
The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, July 1973

A child adopted from a war zone has a special connection with animals. 

Paper Angels on Fire by John Shirley
Sick Things, 2010,

A conman goes through a series of false afterlifes.

The Transgressor by Henry Kuttner
Weird Tales, February 1939

Time travel quickie, a bit standard now but still haunting.

Mtimu by Charles Saunders
Black Pulp, 2013

Black version of Tarzan, who rescues a pilot from an insane big game hunter. Good set up, though the climax was off page.

Shirley and Lovecraft go over the ropes. Grant is no longer in the ring. Maybe he was never there.

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