Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Reading Rumble Wrap Up

Forgotten Realms: The Crystal Shard defeats Star Wars: New Jedi Order - Vector Prime to retain the TV Title.

Dillon And The Pirates of Xonira by Derrick Ferguson successfully defends against Greg Gifune's Rogue for the Young Guns Title.

Startling Detective Adventures continues its Tag Team Title reign against Thrilling Detective

Joseph Rosenberger's COBRA 3: The Red Dragon Operation claims the European Title from John Maddox Roberts' Conan the Champion

Ray Garton's Crucifax defeats David Sodegren's Maggie's Grave to claim the Intercontinental title and wins a shot at the World Title.

Eric Helm's Vietnam Ground Zero 5: Soldier's Medal loses the US Title to The Bounty Hunter 4: Blood Mountain by Hank Nuwer, who immediately retires, leaving the title vacant.

Richard Stark's Parker 3: The Outfit snuffs out Roger Blake's Commie Sex Trap, retaining the World Title.

After hundreds of stories and three events, we've finally crowned our first Cruiserweight Champion: Ron Kelly.

Other standouts from our 30 author Reading Rumble include:

Joe R. Lansdale lasted the most rounds

Elford Alley wins best new contender

Best single story: He Asked for Hell by Paul Ernst

Join us soon for our next event: Rage in a Cage! Coming soon!

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