Saturday, February 8, 2014

Executioner 008 - Chicago Wipeout

Chicago Wipeout
Executioner 008
by Don Pendleton
Pinnacle 1971

It took this long for Pendleton to dig himself into a complete rut, so why not in Chicago, the American center of the Mafia.  Bolan snipes a mafia meeting place and ends up rescuing a near naked showgirl.  Since Pendleton is still writing the series, and Reagan isn't in office yet, Bolan sleeps with her a few times before managing to get rid of her.

He then proceeds to do what he did in the last book, taking advantage of the mafia's loose organization to pretend to be one of their number.  This time around he manages to manipulate various factions to start a full blown gang war before stepping in to wipe out the remains.

The ending was a bit rushed, not much action, and most of the slim page count was filled with mafioso talking to each other on the phone.  This was the first Executioner where Pendleton's heart didn't seem in it.  Let's hope he gets his groove back in later installments.

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