Monday, February 24, 2014

Executioner 093 - The Fire Eaters

The Fire Eaters
Executioner 093
by Don Pendleton (Ray Obstfeld)
1986 Gold Eagle

I don't have all the Mack Bolan continuity down, but by this time Bolan appears to have gone back to being a fugitive fighting the mafia.  After an opening scene assassination, Bolan turns his attention to helping the widow of one of his Nam buddies who was killed by his own son.

Bolan goes undercover as a survival skills teacher at a military academy, where two shady teachers are using a chemical cocktail called "broth" to brainwash the children of prominent people to steal their political and trade secrets.

Meanwhile, a nineteen year old philosophy student hitman who may or may not be gay is hunting down Bolan, the CIA has their own agent at the school, and the KGB has sent a squad of killers.  Points for having so many irons in the fire, but loses them again by having a rushed ending.

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