Sunday, February 16, 2014

Executioner 009 - Vegas Vendetta

Vegas Vendetta
Executioner 009
by Don Pendleton
Pinnacle 1971

Executioner 009 Vegas Vendetta

Executioner 009 Vegas Vendetta

This is starting to get tiresome.  Mack Bolan goes to a place, this time Las Vegas,  and kills some gangsters as a teaser.  He rescues someone from the mob's clutches, in this case a Lenny Bruce style comedian who wouldn't cooperate with a mob talent agency racket.  We're treated to a looooong stand-up routine about racial sensitivity, which was more awkward than anything else, and lots more of Bolan infiltrating the mob as they run around trying to catch him.

We're teased that the Feds are being added to the mix, but not so much.  Hardly any action in the whole thing.

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