Saturday, January 27, 2018

Trash Menace Gallery

Hatchett by Lee McGraw
Chicago has supercrooks the way Philly has founding fathers, but now there is a new kingpin of the rackets. A new Mr Big with a finger in every fat illegal pie in town, one step ahead of the crowd, and a mile ahead of the cops. No one knows who he is, but Hatchett, the wiliest private eye in town, aims to find out any way she can. 

Assignment Carlotta Cortez by Edward S. Aaron
She offered her beautiful body as a bribe for Sam Durell’s silence

From Outer Space by Hal Clement
The two ships raced in from outer space, crashed head-on into the Pacific Ocean. One carried:The Hunter; the other:Hiis quarry, Satanic planner of unearthly crimes 

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