Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Ninja Condors (1987)

Ninja Condors (1987)

Brian the ninja became a ninja after watching his father drawn and quartered by motorcycles.  He grows up to be a ninja, the White Eagle, and works for gang boss Lucifer.  The killing bothers his conscience, so he quits after chainsawing a pregnant woman, off frame.  He hooks up with jive turkey Eddie, who is an undercover cop, and rescues his ninja master.

There's honky fights, ninja fights on a merry go round, ninja fights on a skating rink, two fisting M16s, and hundreds of throwing stars.

Most Filmark/Godfrey Ho movies are just random Hong Kong films spliced together with clips of Richard Harrison fighting ninjas in the park.  There's still plenty of that, but this was an actual original movie, with a coherent plot and everything.

The martial arts I've seen in a Filmark movie, and pretty good in general for 1987.

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