Thursday, December 26, 2013

C.A.D.S. 01

C.A.D.S. 01
John Sievert
Zebra 1985

Post-nuclear action sci-fi largely in the Survivalist mold.  Set in the near future, a military team in battlesuits and nuclear dune buggies cross America to save the president in his underground bunker.
400 pages is usually way too long for this kind of thing, but lucky for us we get twice as much content instead of padding.  As the story is mostly the CADS team wiping out insane rape gangs, we get twice as many rape gangs.

People turn to barbarism pretty quick in these books, but CADS has to have a new record.  The protagonist's girlfriend stops her car on the freeway to watch the mushroom cloud rise, only to turn around to a hillbilly asking her if city girls indulge in the difficult brown, so to speak.

Good violent pulpy fun.  My only complaint is one doesn't get a good visual sense of what these battlesuits look like.  In some instances they seem like slim exoskeletons, in others bulky full cover mechs.  I kept visualizing them as the soldiers from Cameron Hodge's The Right.

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