Sunday, July 26, 2015

Brutal Fight Stories! Lucha action!  Biker betrayal!  Inhuman brutality!

Idle playboy Zach Valdez lived in a world of decadent isolation until a friend falls victim to a city where the missing stay lost forever.  His search pulls him into a dark world of brutal violence and cruel desire, the world of masked vigilante the Bleeding Skull.

Zach wades through the seedy worlds of outlaw pro-wrestling and underground pornography as he faces his own dark call of vengeance and the strange allure of hustler Johnny Rehab.

The Bleeding Skull faces his own greatest challenge, a cage match to the death against an unstoppable foe, a killing machine beyond pain, beyond reason.

Will Zach or the Bleeding Skull survive to discover what secrets lie buried behind the bandaged face of a deranged doctor and his insane experiments against nature?  

Thrill to spine-cracking, man-on-man action in The Bleeding Skull Against Doctor Haros!

When the Blacktop Devils tried to deal in stolen military hardware they found themselves outcasts among outlaws, on the run from the law, rival bike gangs, and their own drug-fueled paranoia, ending in an apocalypse of bullets, blades, and blood.  It only gets worse...Blacktop Devils Sidestory.

George Murdam is the Murder Man, a contract hitman killing for cash to fund his dark obsessions.

A contract to wipe out a martial arts splinter cult leads him on unrelenting path of carnage through the heart of Victim City, where life has no value and death has no meaning.

Dozens will die.  They’re the lucky ones.

Purity Sect Conflict: Kill Them All

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