Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Things I Didn't Finish - From Dusk till Dawn the Series

Quentin Tarantino is one of our generations finest directors and I can not stand him.  He has a healthy respect for exploitation and pop culture without sinking too deeply into cutesy post-modernism, and is just a talented filmmaker.  He's also way too in love with his own insipid dialogue, which has just gotten slower and more unnatural as time goes on.  I tapped out after the twenty minute long "This is how I'm going to get to test drive this car" scene in Death Proof and have not given him a try since.

Robert Rodriguez is someone I want to like, but he's just not that talented and his movies just aren't very good.  If we mixed Tarantino's talent with Rodriguez' sense of fun, we'd have something.

So instead, we've got Rodriguez' talent and Tarantino's dialogue pacing.

I liked From Dusk Till Dawn, but I had no particular interest in revisiting it.  Interestingly, the series isn't the continuing adventures or spin off from the film, it seems to be a 7 1/2 hour version of the original.  This could be interesting, some additional subplots, character backstories, hey - there's Don Johnson, he should be in more things, and OH MY GOD THEY'RE STILL IN THE GAS STATION this was like two minutes in the movie and it takes up the first episode and NOBODY WILL SHUT THE HELL UP YOU'RE NOT CLEVER SHUT UP!

So, yeah, a decent 90 minute movie stretched out to 7 1/2 hours with Rodriguez doing a Tarantino impersonation with the intolerable dialogue.

At least it's not an anti-slavery film created for the sole purpose of dropping the N word in historical context.

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