Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Crow 1 - Red Hills by James Marvin

Red Hills
by James W. Marvin (James Laurence)
1979 Corgi

Just to let us know what we're dealing with, the book opens with our hero Crow slapping a girl and shooting a dog.  It just gets worse from there.

Crow is a lieutenant with the US Calvary, serving under a psychopathic, alcoholic, cuckolded Captain.  The bulk of the novel is Crow using his cool head and measured tactics to take on Sioux raids under less than ideal circumstances.

In contrast to his calm demeanor in combat in his personal life he's pretty much a sexual sadist.  While there are plenty of psychopaths and borderline personalities among the Piccadilly Cowboy heroes, Crow is a full blown child-murdering, revenge torturing serial killer.

So we'll be seeing more of Crow in the future.

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