Thursday, June 16, 2016

Things I Didn't Finish - Kid Calvert

Kid Calvert
Originally from Western Aces 1934-5
Altus Press 2015

Been on a bit of a western kick lately.  I've read and enjoyed some western pulp, and got this volume on the strength of it being a "pulp hero" type volume (implied more in the Amazon blurb than the text itself).  There are western pulp heroes (Zorro, Lone Ranger, Masked Rider, etc), but this appears to be a regular western pulp, without the outre elements of a Secret Agent X or the Doc Savage.

I say appears because I couldn't get that far.  It might just be me, but the bizarre sentence structure and obscure slang made it come across like Yoda doing a Yosemite Sam impression.  I shouldn't have to read a sentence three times to figure out "The cowboys rode their horses up a hill".  I may be dumb and lazy, but this is an oater, not James Joyce.

The more literate among you are welcome to try yourselves.

Click here to read a sample.

Available for Kindle from Amazon.

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