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Damon by C. Terry Cline Jr.

by C. Terry Cline Jr.
1976 Fawcett

Get ready to take a long shower after this one.

Damon is four-years-old when we start (six by the end).  He appears to be going through early puberty and is prone to blackouts.  And he has a massive schlong.  This is not an unimportant detail.

His parents take him to psychiatrist Kyle Burnette, who is the main character of this abomination.  Most of the novel is him discussing Damon's condition with various colleagues.  There's a thin veneer of medical respectability, but this is blown off when Damon spooges over Kyle's face during an examination.

Turns out Damon is also psychic and has some glandular malfunctions.  He may also be possessed by a sweven, whatever that is, or more likely has a split personality.  While Damon is taking a break from treatment he rapes and kills a neighborhood girl.

Kyle finds there are four other cases like Damon worldwide.  He visits one, and the patient speaks as the same sweven.  One patient is cured via exorcism.  This is the only lip service paid to the supernatural in the book, which can't be bothered to set up demon possession as even a red herring.

There's a lengthy subplot about an invasive journalist and all of the patients' doctors rushing to publish their accounts in medical journals first.  Just filling pages.

Damon is staying with nurse Betty Snider, who is an occasional bed-mate of Kyle in a 70s no-attachment kind of deal.  Damon tries to rape Betty, but she's a liberated woman and doesn't have suppressed societal hangups about things like having sex with a four-year-old.  She shows him that he doesn't have to be ashamed of being a rapist, and that women don't have the right to say "no" to having violent sex whenever it's demanded of them.  No way that can go wrong.

Damon progresses so well he goes back to live with mom.  Dad is out of town on business or something - he doesn't show up much.  Mom is having trouble sleeping so she takes lots of sleeping pills, and she might be getting hemorrhoids because her butt is sore every time she wakes up.  You see where this is going.  Mom figures it out, too, and kills herself.

Meanwhile, Betty thinks Kyle has too many hangups and gets him to roleplay that he is violently raping a little girl.  We're treated to a delightful interior monologue about how she's glad her sphincter was already stretched out from the buttsex she'd been getting on the regular from the preschooler.

Damon starts memorizing dozens of books like the kid in Fly II while his telepathy is getting stronger.  Meanwhile, Kyle is having a nervous breakdown around his mommy issues.  Even though the possession angle didn't get a lot of wordage, we finally get our reveal: the sweven is really the suppressed sexual thoughts of Kyle, which were drawn out by Damon's psychic ability.

So Damon just needs to swap therapists, keep up with hormone treatments, and he'll be fine.  As long as he never comes into contact with anyone who has subconscious rape fantasies, which is pretty much everyone.  So I guess he'll stay a super intelligent, telepathic rape addict with no control over his own actions.  Yeah, he'll be fine.

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