Monday, August 8, 2016

Not So Lazy Rivers of Summer - The Falls at Schlitterbahn

The Falls
New Braunfels

Perhaps my favorite water ride that I've been on, but I've seen perhaps better executed versions of the same. Depending on where you start - the top level consists of a wide lazy river with occasional dips. At the end there's a turn with a pretty long rapids section - just the right speed for my tastes. Some more lazy rivers before a bottleneck at the conveyor belt to the top. I've ridden this for hours at a time.

The "transportainment" concept is flawed. There are two parks with the entrances about couple hundred yards apart, and the exits from the ride are in-between them. Nobody uses it as a means of getting from one side to the other. Could use a lot more shade as well. If you are intending to ride this, call ahead, as the ride is not in operation for the full season for some reason.  Also keep in mind that they count this as like five different rides on the map.


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  1. How random! I grew up in New Braunfels in the late 70s and we used to go through the scary, unregulated (as far as I could tell) Tube Shoot from Landa Park. Schlitterbahn has never been up to that great level, in my opinion.