Thursday, March 16, 2017

Shadow Child by Joseph A. Citro

Shadow Child
by Joseph A. Citro
1987, Zebra Books

Mysterious deaths in rural Vermont, possibly connected to mysterious ancient stone structures.  Slow moving, but with a surprisingly good payoff.  The tone kind of depressed me, as it accurately captured a certain small town sadness.  Not in a David Lynch kind of way, just old folks drinking hard liquor, pretending to work on cars, and avoiding their wives while they slowly wait to die.

Citro does a great balancing job with a lot of his elements.  Just enough violence without getting silly, just enough explaining without spoiling the mystery.  Given that Citro is primarily a "non-fiction" writer on Unexplained Vermont, he didn't go overboard on the exposition.

No clowns, but props on having evil fairies.  Not enough evil fairies in horror literature.  Guardian Angels is a sequel.

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