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The Devil's Touch by William W. Johnstone

The Devil's Touch
by William W. Johnstone
1984 Zebra Books

"Who cut off your father's testicles and penis?"

Some quick beast rape and some teen deflowering with a Lucifer dildo for a prologue and we're catching up with the Balons.  It's three years later.  Sam and Nydia are married and still half-siblings.  Their child Sam Jr. is two years old, and we don't know yet if he's the spawn of Satan or just the product of inbreeding.  They live in Logandale, New York, and attend Nelson College.

The local Satanic coven is plotting against the Balons.  Janet Sakall, the child sleeper agent of Satan from the last book, is now a teenager and the babysitter of the Balons.  She plots to sleep with Sam, while forces conspire to have young teen Jon Le Moyne seduce Nydia.

Things get moving pretty quickly.  The coven has taken over Logandale and the Balons gather up the select to fight them.  This time it's a couple members of the local police, some church leaders, and an author who went mad investigating the occult.

We get a little more time spent with the coven this time around, showing their recruitment methods, ceremonies, and incestual orgies.  Under the influence of Satan, Sam sleeps with Janet and another satanic moll Desiree Lemieux, while Nydia sleeps with Jon.  Satan lifts his influence, the two forgive each other, and go on as normal, unlike all the other Christian teens of Logandale who turn evil after being raped.

The good guys take over a fortified house and Balon runs around town sniping Satanists and starting fires.  One of the priests may be an immortal ancestor of the Balons.  Balon's demon child is now a teenager, Princess Xaviere, and wants to sleep with her father, and this must happen on Friday between 6 PM and midnight because of those rules everyone is constantly breaking.  This was the goal of the witch characters every book, every book it happens, and nothing ever seems to come of it.

The tablet is back, and for the first time we kind of know of why it's important.  If the tablet is destroyed, the person destroying it "will have some control over the actions of Satan."  And again, the tablet just gets teleported away by Satan.

The fires kill everyone, Xaviere sneaks off, and the Balon's ride off into the sunset.

Perhaps the first time I've seen this in a book - there are looooong excerpts from the last installment.  Pages of them.  We also find out that Sam Jr. was part of the Dog Teams, the fictional unit of another, non-horror series of Johnstone's.

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