Saturday, April 14, 2018

Encounter with the Unknown

Encounter with the Unknown

Hosted by Rod Serling, this one is packaged like the unexplained documentaries of the time period.  It isn't, it's a zero budge horror anthology.  The concept is that a researcher found that several unexplained deaths had their corpses buried in 23 cemeteries, and these are three of their stories:

A prank goes wrong, leading to a young man's death.  His mother curses them to die at seven day intervals.  To be honest, if you go skydiving while under a curse, you've got it coming.

A hole opens up in the ground in a small town.  A man is lowered in by rope and goes mad.

A ghost lady hangs out on a bridge.

It has a low budget charm, but then lost me when it replayed scenes for like ten minutes at the end.

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