Thursday, April 19, 2018

Moonslasher by Douglas D. Hawk

by Douglas D. Hawk
Critic's Choice, 1987

A werewolf story in a Jaws plot.  A mysterious creature stalks a vacation town.  Business leaders don't want to shut down the beaches, er, lake.  A depressed, one-armed cop tries to fight the creature between drinking spells.

The pacing is dictated by the phases of the moon, which gives us long pauses between action.  And it's not a werewolf, it's an Egyptian cat goddess.  The creature isn't described at all for the first few scenes, and my mind filled in a giant wolf.  Later, it still isn't described, other than calling it catlike.  I still had a picture of a wolf for a while, until it was replaced by the image of a twelve foot long house cat biting off heads and being shot at by M-16s.

Decently written, and I'm looking forward to reading more Hawk.

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