Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Tie-Ins: Darkman

Darkman was Sam Raimi's attempt to jump on the superhero bandwagon started by Tim Burton's Batman.  Originally intended to be the Shadow, Darkman is a scientist who is betrayed and left for dead.  His nerve endings have been severed so he feels no pain and occasionally goes into psychotic rages.  He develops a synthetic skin that evaporates after 99 minutes, which he uses in a series of disguises.

It's hard to see now how ahead-of-its-time this film was, from the frantic editing and Evil Dead-esque camera angles to Liam Neeson being a bad ass years before Taken.

There were two comic series, two direct-to-video sequels, and an unaired pilot.

Randall Boyll wrote the novelization in 1990 and four continuing story novels in 1994.

The Hangman
The Price of Fear
The Gods of Hell
In the Face of Death

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