Saturday, December 29, 2018

TM Gallery: Men's Adventure Paperbacks

Edge 17: Vengeance Valley by George G. Gilman
For the first time in his life he has a bundle of cash - $25,000 – and not a care in the world. Then he happens to trespass on Woodrow Ryan’s spread, a huge chunk of western Texas. Never one to appreciate what to do, Edge is soon battling the land baron’s army of henchmen. But Edge has allies among the local farmers, who’ve been beaten into submission by the mighty Ryan. Edge will have none of that. He is a man of his own, and not likely to join up with a bunch of scared plowboys. Caught between the suspicious farmers and the deadly Ryan gang, Edge attempts to ride a slim trail out of the area. Involvement will mean time and trouble.
Trouble wins as Edge is waylaid by a dozen men and beaten senseless. He is then tied up and roped to a horse ... and set up to be dragged to his death.
It looks like the end... But it is only the beginning.
Vengeance comes to the valley. 
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On Her Majesty’s Secret Service by Ian Fleming

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