Sunday, December 2, 2018

TM Gallery: Pulp Hero

The Spider: Voyage of the Coffin Ship
Coffins and gold lay side by side in the strong-room of a liner that was sailing to its doom. Aboard as a guest is a disguised Richard Wentworth, who dons once more The SPIDER's dusty cloak and well-oiled guns for an epic battle at sea. Old Captain Homan won't tolerate any delays-the Treasury Department has sent orders not to delay the arrival of the gold bullion-but a merciless pirate, known only as 'The Baron', has a different agenda. The killing begins at dockside and doesn't cease until The SPIDER's confrontation with The Baron-a confrontation that could end with The SPIDER's burial at sea! 
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The Shadow: The Yellow Band

The Spider: The Spider and the Scarlet Surgeon

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