Saturday, April 20, 2019

New Ebook Library

My obsessive, repetitive Amazon searches paid off!  Available just this last week are a series of releases from the New Ebook Library, a name I'm willing to bet was chosen to have the same initials as the New English Library.  It has some connection to  another favorite of mine, Piccadilly Publishing.

A few new titles and lots of reprints in multiple genres: horror, crime, western, scifi, and romance; with names like John Burke, Johnny Mains, and Victor Banis.  A lot of names I'm not familiar with, but some promising looking noir and espionage.  And don't overlook the romance - there's some gothics in there.

Short titles, around a hundred pages each, and currently listed at 99 cents on Amazon.  Click here to see the selection, or visit their website.

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