Thursday, February 6, 2020

Bones of Frankenstein by Donald Glut

Bones of Frankenstein
New Adventures of Frankenstein 3
by Donald Glut
1977 New English Library

A communist general forces a sorcerer to resurrect the ghost of Frankenstein (the doctor) to raise an army of Frankensteins (the monsters).  The original Monster is psychically drawn there, where he and his buddy James Judson, former agent of OGRE from the last installment, hang out with the blind sister of a revolutionary.

Things come to a head at the castle where Dr. Frankenstein raises five more monsters, only to be confronted by the original and dynamite toting rebels.  Everything ends in a giant explosion, which we all know is the only foolproof way to kill a Frankenstein permanently.

Short, occasionally violent, and fun, though could have used a bit more story.

Included in volume one of The New Adventures of Frankenstein Collection

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