Saturday, February 22, 2020

Satan War (1979)

Satan War (1979) aka Satanwar

I just finished the Amityville Horror audiobook yesterday, and in a piece of synchronicity that defies coincidence, I picked this 1979 rip-off to watch, thinking it was probably a Filipino 70s action movie.

This is an Amityville copy book-ended by two lengthy dance sequences posing as documentary footage of the occult. It starts straight off with spinning crucifixes and oozing slime right out of the gate.  After that, it's people puttering around poorly lit rooms, the repetitive moog soundtrack obscuring any dialogue.

So inept it can't even be classified as a movie.  A waste of a good title.  I felt sorry for it until it tried to pad out the run time with a fifteen minute voodoo dance sequence.

The YouTube version below has a black mass scene not included in the VHS version.

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