Thursday, April 30, 2020

Black Cat by John Russo

Black Cat
by John Russo
1982 Pocket Books

Some good stuff from Russo.  After starting high with Midnight, I'd been disappointed with his other titles until this.  Like Midnight, Russo seems to be winging it and throwing in all kinds of elements.  We start with an adulterous writer, a 'Nam vet dying of Agent Orange, and an anti-colonial terrorist in Africa.

Russo throws in hitchhiker suspense, panther cult atrocities, stranded motorist schtick, animal attacks, and circus gothic.  Gory and dark, though the ending could use some trimming.

The Audible recording was OK, the sound quality wasn't the greatest and there's almost an hour of overlong pauses.

In Kindle for ebook and Audible audiobook from Amazon

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