Tuesday, April 7, 2020

V 2: East Coast Crisis By Howard Weinstein

V 2: East Coast Crisis
By Howard Weinstein
1984 Pinnacle


This novel runs parallel to the LA set original miniseries, only set in New York. Probably a good 100 pages of material is repeated, the Visitors landing, setting up relationships with world leaders, attacking scientists as conspirators, etc.

A resistance movement forms, with the novel focused on an alcoholic baseball player and a diplomat. They team up with local gangs to raid an armory, and then the book fast forwards to broad summaries of what could have been interesting action sequences. They hold off on more action until the finale, as the resistance rescues a subway train full of New Yorkers being herded into feeding pens.

The Michael Ironsides character makes a cameo, and there’s a bit more about the fifth column among the Visitors who are on humanity’s side, but not much here, even for V fans.

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