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Able Team: Razorback by Dick Stivers

Able Team: Razorback
by Dick Stivers (David North)
In the anthology Heroes
1992, Gold Eagle

650786. sy475

Just after the Executioner spin-offs Able Team and Phoenix force got cancelled and combined into Stony Man, Gold Eagle published three anthologies with stories from each team - I suspect to burn through stories they already bought.

In Razorback, a corrupt Sheriff from Gobbler's [Run, Arkansas, is the middle man in an arms dealing scheme, buying from bikers who steal from the military and selling to South American cartels.  Pol and Ironman are on the case while Gadgets is on leave, hunting hogs with his buddy from 'Nam, which also just happens to be at Gobbler's Run.  A third party also coincidentally joins them later, stacking pretty steep odds they all show up at a town of a population of just over a hundred.

Most of the story is taken up with the baddies, who are suitably sleazy and evil and thus much more interesting than our heroes.  The good guys spend most of their time telling women how pretty they are while hoping they can kill someone without a trial.

The action scenes were below par, with the vileness of the villains not quite making up for it.  One thing annoyed me - they have one of those "This mission is off the books, so if you're caught by local law enforcement you're own you own" scenes, sandwiched between a scene of the Feds ordering Gadgets released from a local prison, and the Able Team getting the full cooperation of the State Police.

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